Neurotrol's Favorite Websites

Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Welcome to the IEEE IEEExplore
IEEE Computational Intelligence Society IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Control Systems Society IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
IEEE-USA Today's Engineer

Mathematics / Physics

Archimedes and the Square Root Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology of the Human Eye
Edsger W. Dijkstra Alan Turing
The Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math Optimal Synthesis Inc.
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics Wolfram Research
DREXEL UNIVERSITY- Philadelphia Archimedes's method
Search the Drexel Libraries Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
Neural Nets- Dr K Gurney All about Nikola Tesla,
Solenoid Physics The force produced by a magnet


Freescale Microcontrollers DSP56F803 Microcontroller
Freescale Programming Motorola MCU
Welcome to the MSDN Library HCS08 Development Kit
Metrowerks Data Acquisition (DAQ)
Real-Time Control System Library (NIST) Apple - Developer
MATLAB Programming Contest GE Fanuc
Matlab Case Study Demonstrations An Introduction to Back-Propogation Neural Nets
Horner Electric Advanced Products Group Introduction to MFC C++
DOS Stuff Extreme Programming
AVR Freaks: Amtel AVR Programming Computer Science Resource Guide

Motion / Vision

NI PCI-7344 PMC Motion Control Products
Galil Motion Control Sensors Unlimited Infra-Red Technology

Image Processing

Normal Distribution The Vision Package
Bill Green Sussex Computer Vision
Classical Feature Detection


Engineering Statistics Handbook Six Sigma- Enterprise Impro
The FreeQuality Web site The Statistics Homepage
Statistical Engineering

Andrew W. Moore's Home Page


RS232 to TTL Converter Analog Devices- ADXRS300
Fairchild CrossReference The Resistor
Fluke Accessory Search Page DS1225Y NV SRAM
4QD- speed controllers IBM Personal Computing Support
JDR Microdevices - Prototype OMEGA Engineering
CadSoft Online- PCB Software Hoffman Enclosures
Land Infra-Red Lambda Power Supplies
Curtin University of Technology ECE EURAX V604
EMF Filters Fincor DC Drives
Giddings & Lewis NTE Cross Reference
Fairchild Cross Reference


Welcome to Toastmasters International Weather Underground- Averag
The Latin Abbreviations Home Page, NIST Virtual Library
TerraServer V5.0 Homepage National Do Not Call Register
N.M. Knight Company, Why is the sky blue?
PROFIBUS GE Fanuc - Services & Support
NFPA SBA- Small Business Administration
Human Evolution Space Imaging - Visual Info
Professional Engineering Home CNC Machining
Industrial chain Harmonic Tutorial

Industrial Controls
Mc Nally Institute